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License replacement policy

1 – We kindly request that you thoroughly review all instructions provided by us to ensure the correct installation and usage of the software license. Please be aware that our provision is limited to the activation of software licenses only. We do not bear any responsibility if you encounter difficulties in installing the software on your computer or if an old license remains lodged in your system. Such issues fall outside the scope of our support. However, we may offer a premium service to address these problems, subject to availability. If we are unable to assist, we recommend seeking the services of a professional computer repair shop.

2 – Upon verification by our team, if your license is indeed non-functional, you will be provided with a replacement.

3 – A refund for the license will only be issued if we are unable to supply the license.

4 – Assistance for any type of concern will be available during our office hours, which are from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM, Monday through Saturday. Please note that the availability of our support agents may vary, and in periods of high demand, responses may take up to 24 hours.

5 – Engaging in abusive or threatening behaviour towards our support agents will result in the suspension of all your licenses and accounts on our website. Under such circumstances, you will not be eligible for any replacements or refunds.

6 – We bear no responsibility for any losses incurred due to licensing issues, as we do not oversee the verification system. This system is under the direct control of the respective company that owns the software.

By purchasing from our website, you are consenting to the aforementioned terms. Please note that these terms are timestamped on the blockchain for verification.

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